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Live From the US Open: Lots of Mics, IP, Dante Mark Audio Effort for ESPN

Alteros RTS wireless system connects courts, TV sets, rightsholders

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018 – 1:06 pm

Wired Tennis Players

US Tennis OpenViewers are getting more direct sound from the athletes, who are being wired with a lavalier microphone as soon as they leave the locker room after their sets, letting viewers listen in to conversations with trainers and fans before they arrive at the broadcast set for interviews with ESPN hosts. Brown says that getting the mics on players earlier gets the process out of the way sooner and makes the interview subject more at ease on the set.

That’s enabled by the use of Alteros GTX Series L.A.W.N. 6.5-GHz IP-based wireless microphone system, which connects with DPA headsets and Audio-Technica AT899 lavalier mics, using Alteros GTX24 bodypack transmitters.

“That lets us get connectivity sooner, and that moves the timeline up considerably, so we can hear them and see them clearly as an RF camera follows them to the set,” says Brown. “This way, we’re switching one mic from antenna to antenna, instead of having to switch between different microphones.”

This is the second year for the Alteros system. A new enhancement enables a direct-to-fiber connection, according to Stephen Raymond, senior technical specialist, remote production operations, ESPN.

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