Alteros GTX Series
Fiber Solution

Setup Examples
for Large Facilities

GTX Series Fiber Wireless Mic System

Application examples of wireless mic coverage
for multiple locations in a large area

The following are some examples of set-up/configurations
for GTX3224F Main Control Unit, GTX32 transceivers, GTX24 transmitters
and the GTX-FX8 fiber break out boxes.

Key points to consider:

  1. The current operating distance between GTX3224F Main Control Unit and a GTX-FX8 fiber break out box is 10,000 feet on single mode fiber.
  2. The GTX-FX8 fiber break out box requires local AC power.
  3. Each GTX3224F can communicate with up to 6 GTX-FX8 fiber break out boxes. Connections are via SFP are on the rear of the GTX3224F.
  4. A total of 8 transceivers can be run via a single GTX-FX8 fiber break out box. If more than 8 transceivers are required in an area, multiple GTX-FX8 break out boxes can be used.
  5. The distance possible between GTX32 transceiver and fiber break out box is 1,000 feet on CAT5 cable.
  6. The total possible # of GTX32 transceivers running on fiber interfaces from a single GTX3224F Main control unit is = 48 (6 x 8).
  7. Up to 16 additional GTX32 transceivers can be run via home-run cat5 cables directly connected to 16 cat5 (RJ45) connectors on the rear of the GTX3224F.
  8. The fiber plus the direct-connect options allow for a total of 64 GTX32 transceivers to be operated via a single GTX3224F Main control unit.
  9. No matter how many GTX32 transceivers are used, and no matter where the system is set up, the maximum # of GTX24 transmitters that a GTX3224F can operate SIMULTANEOUSLY is 24.
  10. GTX24 transmitters can move seamlessly between operating locations without intervention or management.
  11. Multiple systems can be set-up as long as the GTX32 transceivers from different systems do not “see” each other. This is accomplished via a substantial physical barrier, or a minimum separation distance for GTX32s of one system to another of 300’.
  12. With multiple systems, the “system ID” function can be used to allow for additional 24 channels of GTX24 transmitters to operate and “wander.” As long as the system ID of the GTX24 transmitter and the GTX3224F match, the transmitters will be given permission to transmit. If the system IDs do not match, it is safe for a GTX24 transmitter of a different system ID# to enter the space of another system without any operating conflicts (because it will not turn on to transmit). Talent can move freely without need for coordination or transmitters to be powered off.
Alteros GTX Series Fiber Solution
GTX3224F Fiber Control Unit Rear
GTX-FX8 Fiber Break Out Box Front
GTX Main Components
GTX Fiber Example Large Outdoor Venue
GTX Fiber Example Broadcast Multiple Studios