Alteros at Key AES@NAMM Wireless Spectrum Panels

Hilton Level 4 C5 – NAMM Jan 24th-27th 2019 Anaheim Convention Centre and Hilton Hotel

Alteros President Jackie Green will participate in the ‘Wireless Spectrum Update 2019 Panel’ and the ‘Alteros 6.5GHz GTX Intro and Training’ session on Thursday and Saturday

(You will need to purchase an ‘AES@NAMM Access Pass‘ to attend the sessions)


Wireless Spectrum Update 2019 Panel With Winkler, Green and Zimbel

A panel of leading experts discusses the loss of 600 MHz spectrum and changes that affect all UHF wireless in the core TV bands, as well as new and alternate spectrum.

Thursday 24th & Saturday 26th 10am, Hilton, Level 4, C5
Host/Moderator: Ike Zimbel, Panel: Karl Winkler& Jackie Green

Alteros Spectrum Network

Alteros 6.5GHz GTX Intro and Training With Jackie Green

How will wireless microphones operate in the future shrinking spectrum? Learn about an alternative band wireless mic system that bypasses the troubled TV bands. Alteros President, Jackie Green, presents the award-winning GTX Series 6.5 GHz Ultra Wideband wireless microphone system.

Thursday 24th & Saturday 26th 1pm, Hilton, Level 4, C5
Presenter: Jackie Green

GTX Main Components