New Products, Awards, and Rising Awareness: Alteros looks back on a successful 12 months

What a difference a year makes. That may be something of a cliché, but for Alteros, the past 12 months have proved to be a transformative period that saw our business evolve from a little known spin-off into a company with award-winning technology. Indeed, our game-changing professional broadcast solution is now being widely deployed to solve some fundamental problems for broadcasters in live and professional environments.

After seven years of dedicated research and development, the next part of our journey began at NAB Show 2017, where we introduced the GTX Series Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Wireless Microphone System as a fully digital 6.5 GHz system that provides reliable and interference-free performance. Visitors to the event were certainly extremely interested in finding out what Alteros, a new company and spin-off from Audio-Technica, was up to. They were even more interested when they saw what our solution promised to deliver, such as a license-free alternative to UHF bandwidth loss and channel crowding, with no coordination requirements.


Fast-forward to NAB Show 2018, and our products and solutions attracted even more attention, with engineers and key producers of major shows asking for information and demonstrations. That was a clear indication to us that our message has been getting through to the people and the decision-makers who are actually running and producing live events — those who are actually looking for solutions to make their production more efficient.

While at this year’s NAB, we also showcased the latest version of our system, the revolutionary GTX Series L.A.W.N.™ (Local Area Wireless mic Network) Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Wireless Microphone System, and introduced two new handheld transmitters, the GTX24-HHP (performer handheld) and GTX24-HHB (broadcast handheld), and a feature-rich remote and network control platform.

GTX System

To our enormous delight, the GTX Series L.A.W.N.™ was chosen to be the wireless system employed at the IP Showcase at NAB, and won “Best of NAB” award from the editors of Streaming Media and Streaming Media Producer, and two “Best of Show” awards from NewBay Media. We should point out here that these are also far from the first awards we have won: at NAB 2017, Alteros was selected for an IABM 2017 Game Changer Award in the Audio category.

The positive feedback from the NAB visitors, and the fact that we have now notched up a number of high-profile awards, has provided a huge boost for the entire Alteros team. Our young workforce of multi-skilled engineers, who specialize in the fields of RF, electronics, audio, digital design and IT and possess a broad understanding of both hardware and software including programming skills, is certainly highly deserving of the accolades our products have received thus far.

Alteros GTX System Awards

So what is it about our products that is making them such a compelling proposition for broadcasters?

Certainly the fact that we used an alternative frequency band, the 6.5 GHz band, to create a system that operates far beyond the UHF and VHF television bands, requires no frequency coordination, license, or database registration, and does not cause interference or create intermodulation products. The transition to digital television, and now the mobile broadband expansion, have caused significant operational disruption and expense to licensed wireless microphone users, especially broadcasters that require many channels of wireless microphones to handle increasing demands for content creation; our system provides a welcome alternative to those grappling with the volatility of traditional TV bands.

Broadcast Studio

Furthermore, the GTX Series is rich in features and offers reliable, interference-free performance with up to 24 simultaneous channels. The system is ideal for studio-to-studio operation since it emits less intentional radiation than the typical PC and will not interfere with surrounding signals.

GTX System Network Connectivity

What we cannot stress enough is that our system works – and it works everywhere because there is no requirement for frequency coordination. It also offers a fantastic level of sound quality with 500 MHz signal bandwidth, is very compact, and is quick and easy to set up. Importantly, our team has worked closely with key professionals in the live, touring and broadcast markets to identify exactly the kind of system they need and want.

The fact that we wanted to take a different approach is clearly demonstrated by our company’s name, inspired by the concept of providing an alternative option to the legacy products and services that are currently available on the market. And we’re already looking forward to the opportunities ahead: bring on the next 12 months!