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Alteros Lunch & Learn at Hollywood Sound

The shrinking UHF spectrum is a problem all wireless mic users face. Come to this Lunch & Learn to get an update on spectrum changes taking place right now and in the future. A technical presentation, featuring the Alteros GTX Series Local Area Wireless Mic Network, will explain why it is immune from all UHF spectrum problems and how it can uniquely solve some real world problems impacting wireless usage. Seating is limited. Register now to guarantee a seat and free lunch.

Sept 12, 2019 11am to 1pm PST

Hollywood Sound Systems
4209 Vanowen Pl., Burbank, CA 91505

Alteros 600MHz Time Runiing Out

On July 13th 2020 all legacy 600MHz wireless microphones will become ILLEGAL to operate








Alteros Latest News & Articles

Is the Sky Falling on Wireless Mics?

Wireless mic systems that work today, may not work tomorrow and the day after may be different still. The days of set-and-forget are over, at least with traditional wireless systems.

Is the Sky Falling on Wireless Mics?

GTX Series L.A.W.N.™

IP-based Local Area Wireless Mic Network

Alteros, an Audio-Technica company, presents the GTX Series L.A.W.N. Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Wireless Microphone System, a professional IP-based audio system for the studio and beyond. Operating at 6.5 GHz, well beyond the volatile TV bands, the feature-rich GTX Series offers reliable, interference-free performance, with up to 24 simultaneous channels, that you can depend on today and in the future.

GTX Series

Why Alteros GTX Series?
  • Works Everywhere, No Frequency Coordination Required
  • Extreme reliability with up to 64-way DIVERSITY – use up to 64 redundant receivers. Every receiver sees all 24 possible transmitters
  • Quick and Easy Setup – Set up and confirm operation of up to 24 simultaneous transmitters in a few hours
  • Easy to connect directly into IP and Network systems
  • Improves Production Flexibility – change locations, new set-ups, add transmitters without any coordination or additional equipment problems
  • Creates more available spectrum – use of 24 “invisible” channels improves RF environments, and relieves spectrum crowding effects: gain up to a full TV channel for other wireless devices!
  • True-digital, UWB pulse signals – no continuous carrier, no intermodulation distortion, no chance of constructive or destructive interference.
  • State-of-the art MESH and network technology – provides solid and reliable quality of service and interface with modern environments.
  • Unprecedented sound quality – 500MHz signal bandwidth delivers performance never before achievable in a wireless microphone system
  • Compact – 3U rack space for 24 channels of on-air audio, talkback and 8 “group assignment channels.”
  • Complete Solution – No custom cables. No cavity filters. No distribution amplifiers. No combiners.
  • No Extra Filters or Antenna Accessories Required
  • Works with up to 1,000 feet of standard Cat 5 cable, up to 10,000′ for GTX Fiber
  • New GTX3224F Fiber Control Unit allows for large systems with multiple locations
Alteros GTX Series

Advantages of UWB

The GTX Series transmits true-digital, no-continuous-carrier Ultra Wide Band pulses.

The system doesn’t utilize traditional continuous-carrier waves, so there’s no chance of constructive or destructive interference, and no frequency coordination is required.

Alteros UWB Pulse

Traditional RF Equipment vs. GTX

Unlike traditional RF systems, the GTX Series sets up easily, doesn’t hog rack space, and doesn’t require expensive cables or extra equipment in order to operate.

Check out the innovative way that the GTX Series redefines wireless mic systems as a complete professional all-in-one solution and solves many problems faced when integrating a larger wireless mic installation.

Alteros Traditional vs GTX Series
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